Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Beginning of Summer

 It is now summer. That glorious time of year where I can take walks outside again and lay in the grass listening to the trees and the birds. When I am reunited with my family.

 Yesterday, my sister had to finish a painting for her water colors class, and we both painted on the back deck. It was wonderful to feel the heat of the sun and spend time with my sister who I haven't seen in three months.

 Yet at least for me, it is so easy to be lazy during the summer. I just finished a crazy week of finals, packed my entire life, and said goodbye to my school, friends, church, and Michigan. I got up at 3:30 am to catch a plane. I am now fighting a cold. And for the first time in three months I am sleeping well. So I wish I could just take a break.

 A break is good. But I have so much to do.

 To Do Summer 2015

1. Get a job
2. Write 20-35 pages of my novel
3. Paint
4. Take Intro to Photography and World Geography at my community college
5. Jog
6. Read all of the books on my summer reading list
7. Hike Camel's Hump with Dad
8. Start my singleness blog

Will you pray with me that my summer will be relaxing, productive, and glorifying to God?

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