Thursday, May 28, 2015


Clock, Time, Minutes, Hours, Ageing

 Today, my sister and I are waiting.

 Waiting to hear if we got the jobs we applied for.

 Me: a full time position at a home daycare filled with sweet kids I already love, who I already know will be a handful :)

 Grace: a part time job working at our local drug store

 Both jobs seem perfect for us. I love working with kids, investing in their lives, and like the informal job setting. Grace wants to get out of the house, to do something, to meet new people.

 But we have to wait.

 Me: While I wait I pray; I imagine getting the job and feeling the excitement, the relief; I imagine being rejected, not being chosen, beginning the job search again. I explore every emotion so that tomorrow there will be no surprises.

Grace: "We need these jobs," she says. "What do we do if we don't get them?"
            "Work at the hotel" I joke. "Housekeeping."
            "It's better than nothing. We could sing as we clean the rooms!"
             And then she is on to her next thing, her next drawing, the fun night she has planned with friends.

 The numbers are worse for her. Only two other girls want my job while many people want hers.

 But God can do amazing things. I trust His will will be done whether we find it favorable or not. He is always faithful.

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