Monday, April 20, 2015

Frightening Truth

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 I had an idea the other day.

 No, let me rephrase that. I had a reoccurring thought, but for the first time it made sense in my head, and for the first time I realized that I could follow it and should follow it.

 But I am scared.

 This idea is a website, a blog, for single Christian girls. A community where we could encourage each other, a tangible reminder that we are not alone, a place to share the truth of the gospel within the context of the situation we find ourselves in. Really, what I have been searching for and imagine others like me are searching for, too.

 But I am scared.

 Scared because I do not seem equipped for this. Scared that it will not actually reach my sisters in Christ. Scared to admit my deepest desire. But mostly scared because I find myself single. Still. When I wanted to be very not single in a Christian culture that celebrates marriage, living on a campus where many are married before they graduate. So not only am I single, but I have believed the lies that because marriage does not even seem like a possibility after graduation, I am a failure and it is too late for me to ever be married.

And now I am considering proclaiming it to the world.

 But I must share the truth with others and myself.

 I am 21 years old. I am single.I am a failure, but not because no man has ever liked me enough to pursue me. Rather, I am a failure because I am a sinner. But I have a Savior who loves me so much that He died for me, and through Him I can claim to be a child of God- the exact opposite of failure. I trust in a God that only has what is best for me. So I am a 21 year old single who is reaching out to other singles. And I will not lose hope because only God knows what my future is, and even if it never involves marriage, I will someday spend eternity with God in heaven- my GREATEST desire.

 So what are your thoughts? Would you be interested in a blog devoted to living the single, Christian life? What would benefit you as you navigate this journey called singleness?

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Liebster Award and Interesting Answers to Questions

 Thanks to Kelpie from Created by the Created for nominating me for the Liebster Award! Hope you enjoy learning more about me.
 And sorry for the weird formatting, white space, and highlighting. There is some problem with their system that I can't figure out.

The rules:
1. Link back to the blogger that nominated you
2. Answer the 11 new questions
3. Nominate other bloggers (however many or few as you'd like)
4. Create 11 new questions
5. Notify the new nominees of their award

1. What is your favorite (non Biblical) quote?

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2. What is your favorite topography? (i.e. dessert, mountains, prairie, etc.)

 I cannot pick one. So my top three are the mountains, the ocean, and a New England woods.

3. If you could move to another country where would you go?


4. What is #1 on your “bucket list”?

 Write and publish a novel. And I now have about 25 pages! :)

5. What do you believe is the most important quality in a friend?

  A while ago I would have said the most important quality in a friend (besides a love for the gospel) is a certain indescribable connection that draws the two of you together.
 But now I would say loyalty and commitment are more important.

6. How do you spend the majority of your time (may include sleeping!)?

 School! Which happens to be all reading and writing this semester. Wahoo!

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7. If you could have named yourself, what name would you have chosen? Why?

 When I was younger I wished my name was Kathleen because it was a beautiful and unique Irish name. Now I am perfectly happy with my name, but just wish that the rest of the world would stop naming their children Allison and Allie after me. :)

8. What is something about you that would surprise most people?

 I love talking to people and sharing my soul. And I could probably talk for a long time. But most people never get to know me well enough to discover that.

9. What is something you dislike but everyone else loves?

  Socks. I hate them. My feet feel trapped when I wear them, and I hate it when it gets so cold that I have to wear them. I want my feet to be free!

10. What is your dream pet? Or would you rather not own an animal?

 How can you choose just one? My dream pets are a fawn, a black bear cub, a horse, a kitten, a wolf pup, and a prairie dog. And the list could go on.

Deer cute animals adorable deer animal pictures
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11. What inspired you to start blogging?

 I started blogging to force myself to write on a more regular basis and to share my words with others.

 So I now nominate:

        Grace from  Grace Unmeasured
        Jennifer from Midnight Moons

My Questions for them:

  1. What colors are you wearing right now?
  2. What are you most looking forward to this summer?
  3. Would you rather be an amazing painter, singer, or dancer and why?
  4. Finish this sentence: When I am outside and admiring the ____ God has made, I feel _____.
  5. What is one of your greatest desires?
  6. What is one quality or fruit of the spirit that God has blessed you with?
  7. What book has inspired you the most?
  8. What is your dream job?
  9. What person from the Bible do you identify with most?
  10. Which Jane Austen gentleman would you choose to marry and why?
  11. Why do you write?