Saturday, July 30, 2016

In Everything Give Thanks 7-30-16

1. I am so thankful that Thursday I gave my two weeks notice to the dollar store I've been working at. I have been dreaming of leaving for over a month, and praise God that He has let that happen.

2. I get to leave my current job because I now have a full time job! It is not the writing job I have dreamed of, or a more cushy office job that I would feel better about having, but I will be working with chocolate, and I hope and pray it is a better situation than my current job.

3. Also Thursday, I wrote about 1,687 words of my novel, which makes me so happy! I haven't had a good day of writing for so long.

4. I am thankful for long distance friends that are still dear to me and are such an encouragement, whether it is through emails the phone, or Facebook. Though I wish they lived close, I have the greatest friends. 


  1. Oh, I'm glad that you are able to change jobs! I will be praying that your next one proves to be a better fit. Congratulations on your writing accomplishment too! :D