Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dear Twenty-Three Year Old Me

 Dear Twenty-Three Year Old Me,

  I don't know where you're living exactly one year from today. Maybe you'll be on your own in an apartment. Maybe you'll still be living at home. I don't know what you're doing for a job or who your friends are. I hope our friends stay the same, but maybe there will have a mix of both new and old friends.

 I don't think I need to remind you how much stress my current unanswered questions are causing right now. Do you remember? Where should I live? Can I go back to Michigan? Maybe I should live at home longer to save money. Where will I work? How can I afford a car? Should I go to grad school? How can I afford grad school?

 Or maybe I do need to remind you.

 Maybe, now that a whole year has passed and I'm twenty-three, maybe you don't remember all of the questions and uncertainty. Maybe you have settled somewhere and are happy and content. 

 I hope so.

 But even if there is still all of the uncertainty and questions then that there are in my life now, there are some things I know for sure.

 I know I am reading when I am twenty three. I am reading fiction and non-fiction. I am scouring the library for something I haven't read that is decent and good quality.

 I know I am writing when I am twenty-three. I'll probably still be working on my novel, but I will be closer.

 I know I am still a child of God when I am twenty-three, for no one is able to snatch me out of my Father's hands.

 I know that God's promises to me are the same now and will be the same in a year, five years, and until He comes back to earth.

 So twenty-three year old me, in these unanswered questions and uncertainties that I may still have a year from now, there is nothing to fear. 


  1. Good reminder for all of us...no matter what the future holds, some things are changeless. <3