Tuesday, February 10, 2015

And Write

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   I met Nathan on the plane. He was young enough to still be good looking, but old enough that it would be sketchy to date him—a  bored extrovert who found himself sitting next to a young college student for about an hour and a half. So he talked. With a book in my hand, the subject quickly went from my love of books to my desire to write them.
   “Did you know that the lady who wrote Harry Potter wrote the whole book on a napkin?” he asked.
  “The whole book? It wouldn't have fit,” I said.
  “Oh, yeah, the whole book.” He laughs, then hands me a napkin the stewardess gave him for his drink. “Here’s your napkin.” He digs in his backpack. “And here’s a pen. So write your book.”
   He teased me about not writing anything on the napkin. He teased me about not planning to get drunk on my twenty-first birthday. He wouldn't take his pen back at the end of the flight. He replied with something like, “You need to write your book with it.”

  Through many different situations, classes, and people, God has been nudging me and sometimes pushing me to write my book. With all of my doubts and excuses, it’s like He’s saying, “Just do it, my child. Use the time and circumstances I have given you, and write.” 

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