Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Letter to My College Self

Dear College Student Me,

    I am writing to you from the other side of college- the graduation, full time job, real life now begins side. And here is what I wish you had known:

 1. College isn't easy, but neither is anything after college.

   We tend to think that whatever hard thing we are currently going through is the hardest thing we will ever face in my life. That is not true. College is hard. It is a hard transition, has unique problems, and awkward times, but so is every stage of life. There will always be another hard thing. 

 2. Do not be afraid to make friends. 

   I know because it is still true of me. You don't want to make too many friends because you partly fear and know that some will leave you and some you will leave at graduation. This is hard. This is still hard. You don't want to get too attached to your campus, new state, and new friends because you know you may be spread out after graduation. But you can't live like that. 

 3. School really matters and really doesn't matter at the same time.

     Those classes you are literally writing stories the whole class period because they are stupid- yeah they are stupid, but maybe you should be paying attention. You can never go back to those classes. You may never get to be a student again, there each day to learn and absorb new information and ideas.   And those classes you are obsessing over, that you have to get an A in, that are either classes in your major where you have to be perfect or those classes where someone said you couldn't do it and now you have to prove them wrong- it's probably not worth it, at least to the point you are stressing over them. 

 4. You will not get what you want. 

    You will not meet a wonderful guy who you will fall in love with and who will later ask you to marry him. So instead of obsessing over wanting and wishing for that guy you will not have, just enjoy the life God has given you. 

 5.  Your education is worth it, but the loans you will have in the future are no laughing matter. 

   I don't regret my college education, but I do have a substantial amount of loans I am just now starting to pay off- more than I ever imagined possible. This isn't to scare you, but more to help you see how important those four years are. (Side note for readers: If you are also currently trying to pay off student loans, Earnest can help by giving you options for refinancing. I have not personally used them, but they look like a good company and I did enjoy reading some blog posts on their website.)* 

 6. Trust in the God who has never left you.

     No year of college will be easy for you. When you remember your junior year you will just see a cloud of darkness. Each other year will have its unique trials, but you will get through them. And it won't be because you are strong or brave or resilient. It will be because God stayed with you and did not leave you. 

 *Earnest did approach me about writing this blog post and promoting their services, however everything I have written is my honest, un-altered personal beliefs and opinions. I have not used their company, but they seem like a good one to check out if you are struggling with loan payments.

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