Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ludington Adventure!

This past weekend my friends who graduated were able to visit me at school for the weekend and we went to Ludington State Park. Here are some photos I took of our adventure.

We began by hiking some trails. These little guys were everywhere.

Plants growing on the foundation of an old building that was never completed.

Then we went to the beach. Do not be fooled; it is beautiful, but it was freezing that day.

Getting artsy.

My favorite part was walking along the beach of Lake Michigan. It was a glorious view, and I wish I could live there. All that was missing was a view of mountains.

My friend walking on the beach. Her poor shoes got so wet later.

Though Michigan doesn't have mountains, they have sand dunes. This was my first time exploring them, and it was so fun to climb some of them.

I love these girls. They lived next door to me freshman year, and I have been so thankful for their friendship throughout college.

Big Sable Point Lighthouse on Lake Michigan, and my new favorite place in Michigan.

Look at what God has created for us!

I am ready to go back.


  1. Beautiful photos Allison! The sky is so blue and the sand looks so soft (though I'm sure it probably wasn't)!

    1. Actually it was very soft! I was barefoot the whole time when walking on the beach and the sand dunes. :)