Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Distracted by Creativity


 Job applications need my attention. 
 I have homework due tonight.
 But shatters of a poem flash into my head.

My sister and I are cooking dinner..
A thank you note needs to be written.
But the discovery of new music distracts. 

Thousands of words, colors,
Swirling, demanding my focus,
Commanding my thoughts.

God wants me to be productive.
God wants me to delight.
To be Mary or Martha is a choice I often make.

But I think He will allow a stolen moment
to focus my camera lens on a flower,
to scribble flashes of a poem,

to marvel at my reflection and see Him
chasing the butterflies He made,
creating unique and complex personalities.

This distraction permeates my soul.
It is how He helps me 
be distracted by Him.


  1. Beautiful poem Allison; it's a good reminder to enjoy life! :)