Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Making Christmas


  Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. For as long as I can remember, my mom has made the whole month of December special, from advent calenders, cookie baking, trips to our local Christmas store, thoughtful presents under the tree, and delicious Christmas foods that have become tradition in our household.

   But this year is different. Mom is too busy to make Christmas happen. So my sister and I are baking all of the cookies, putting the lights on the tree, planning the Christmas menu. Making Christmas happen. And part of me just wants to be a little kid again where my only struggle was waiting for Christmas morning.

  So I can do two things; I can wish to be a little girl again full of the wonder of Christmas, or I can take my mom's advice and see this undesirable situation as an opportunity. I think I will take the opportunity.

 Already I see a change in my attitude. Christmas is about giving. It is about Jesus humbling Himself to the point that he was born as baby in a manger and would later die for our sins on the cross. As a believer, I want to share that gospel message, and right now that means making Christmas.

  Another opportunity I am taking is to broaden my cooking and baking skills. As a person that has never been one to volunteer in the kitchen unless absolutely necessary, I admit that I really don't know what I am doing in the kitchen. But this Christmas, that will change.

   Making Christmas is only a small difficulty in my life right now. Not that I think that all of those years my mom has made Christmas happen is easy, but in the big picture of all of our lives it is not a big hardship. So if I can get through this by seeing it as an opportunity, focusing on the blessings, how much closer will I be to doing the same for every struggle in my life?

 How can I find an opportunity and blessing while living with roommates chosen for me?

 How can God use me during this time of unwanted singleness?

 What opportunity awaits me during my hardest semester academically?

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