Thursday, August 29, 2013


   Time stop. Time speed. Whisk by me so I can be back. Freeze forever so I can't say goodbye. Don't make me say goodbye. Don't stop me from going back.

   The summer is gone, and with it my time with my family. I am now fully entered into the world of college. A world with two homes and two families that can never connect. I can never be in Vermont and Michigan at the same time.

   I dream of a bridge between them. I dream of wings so I could easily fly the distance. I imagine God scooping up my school and all the people I love and putting it all in Vermont.

   God has not given me a bridge or a pair of wings, and will never place my part of Michigan in Vermont. What He has given me is many people to love. And most of all He has given me Himself- a savior who has promised me an eternal home in Heaven where I will never leave His presence.

   Though I am still dreading the goodbye, I have hope in my eternal home.


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