Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Right Focus

“Let’s go on this ride!”

I look up at the yellow swings flinging through the air and people’s legs dangling high above the pavement.

“There is no way I’m getting in one of those,” I say.

            Hannah scans the fair grounds. “How about that one?” She points to people sitting in apples that slowly rotate while going around a circle. Though the only ride I have ever felt comfortable with is the merry-go-round, I look at her face and can think of no excuse.

            Hannah, my little sister, and I climb into a red apple and we begin to move. It’s not very fast and I feel myself relaxing. Suddenly, Hannah yanks the metal wheel in front of us and our apple is spinning.

            “Wait, that’s too fast!” I yell, but she keeps turning it. We are whipped around at a speed I never knew existed and I’m getting sick.

            I’m almost ready to scream for Hannah to stop, when I remember my little sister. She sits next to me terrified, clinging to my arm.

            “It’s okay,” I tell her. “We’ll be out of here soon.” I’m still trying to calm her down when the ride ends, and I’m amazed that I forgot to be scared.

            I have always remembered that day as when I realized that when I am fearful I am focused on myself instead of focused on my savior, Jesus, who died for me and took my sins on the cross. If God loved me enough to sacrifice His perfect son to pay for my sins, shouldn’t I be able to trust Him?

            When I’m not focused on myself, I can focus on what my savior has done for me, and I can show that love to others by proclaiming what He has done for me and helping people, like I discovered with my sister.

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