Monday, May 20, 2013

God is Good

        My first year of college passed by so quickly. A year ago I was finishing up my senior year of High School and praising God for somehow giving my family enough money for me to go to college. It feels like I went to bed one day and when I woke up I was back home and my freshman year was over-  all of my college memories like the crazy dreams I sometimes have.

        But it is true. My freshman year of college is over, and as I sit here typing all I can think of is how amazing God is still and will forever be.

        God was good and faithful and by my side when I said goodbye to my family until Christmas break. God was good that first night when I hated my roommates. He was good when I realized how amazing my roommates truly were. He had His arms around me when one of my friends was thinking of transferring. She was becoming like a sister to me, and a piece of me would have gone with her. Though I thought I had no one to hold on to, God never let go of me. He was good when a good friend did transfer. He was good and faithful when I traveled with fellow students I didn’t know and stayed with old friends I hadn’t seen in ten years to get home and back. When my second semester got crazy with the extra credits I had to take, God was good, though I thought I was drowning. He was good through all my exams, a hard class, and a professor who thought I was too young for her class. He was good through roommate conflicts. Every time I longed to hug my dad, talk to my mom face to face, or quote movie lines with my sister, God was with me and was good in spite of the thousand miles that separated me from my family.
      The sun could fail and God would be good. He could have not provided enough money for me to go to college and He would be good. My friend could have left and His goodness wouldn’t have ended. My family could all die, and though it would be hard to say, God would still be good. He is good because He is God. He owes us nothing. The fact that He created us is amazing to me. But not only did He create us, He loved us. He loved us so much that even though we sin He doesn’t destroy us- even though He has that right. Instead He sent His only perfect son to die in our place.
      When I am tempted to get mad at God because of a situation in my life or hardships I am going through, I must remember that God is good. He is more than good. He is goodness itself. He has given me eternal life despite the wretch that I am. How could any trial in this life matter?

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